Top UK Boarding Schools

You will be going to study in a boarding school in the UK, but since you are the child of busy parents you have to do most of the research yourself. What should you take into account? First, congratulations – UK boarding schools are some of the best in the world and they are a great way to launch yourself into any career that you have in mind so long as you work hard and get good grades. As you do research into what school is best take into account the following:
•    What subjects do they offer? Different schools offer different curriculums, so you should be looking for a school that offers the subjects that you want to study. You should look into the teachers who teach these subjects – how good are they, and have they helped their students pass in previous years? Find out what facilities the school offers to support technical subjects.
•    Find out what extracurricular activities are offered. All UK boarding schools offer extracurricular activities, but in some you may find that because of tradition certain activities are favoured. You need to be looking for a school that offers at least one activity that you are interested in.
•    Make sure that you take all costs into account. You will need to pay for tuition, boarding and uniform, but there are usually additional costs depending on what the school offers. You may be required to pay extra for additional lessons, school trips and more. Your parents should factor all these things into their budget to avoid inconveniences. They should also factor in the cost of travelling to and from school very term.
The Cambridge Centre for Cambridge Studies is an excellent UK boarding school. It has many international students, a wide curriculum and excellent facilities. Find out more on