Suffolk Houses for Sale

Buying a brand new Suffolk home for sale is rather different from buying one that is for resale. For one thing, brand new homes are not very likely to have damage like you would find in older homes such as mould and rot. For another, when you are buying a brand new home you can go directly to the property developer rather than hire a real estate agent, thereby saving yourself some money. That said, you should not rush into any deals. Before you buy a property from a developer you should do your homework and make sure that you are getting the right deal.
Start by hiring an independent inspector to go over the home that you have in mind from top to bottom. They should make a note of all problems that they find. Keep in mind that construction companies are adept at hiding these problems, so you have to hire a home inspector who is familiar with new property developments.
Property developers usually show off new homes for sale using a model home. This home is done to perfection – they want to be able to impress anyone who walks through it. You may get yourself a perfect home is you can snatch this model home. Do not assume that you do not need to have it inspected though – you still need to do your homework. As you walk through the home don’t let your judgement be clouded by the way that the home is staged. Imagine the space with your items in it and don’t forget to take into account the square footage in each room.
Hopkins Homes is one property developer with a reputation for excellent homes. They have several developments in Suffolk that are ready to buy and you are welcome to inspect them at any time. Find out more on their website,