Dentist Richmond

There have been stories in the media of people who have gone to a dentist for a simple fix only to walk away years later with a their teeth ruined after having paid thousands of pounds. What goes wrong and how can you make sure that it never happens to you? Most of the horror stories you will read about concern people who were looking for cosmetic fixes. They found a cosmetic dentist who decided to milk them for all they were worth. They would recommend one treatment after another and in the end, instead of the brilliant smile they were promised patients walked away with degraded, sensitive teeth.
You can make sure that you never fall for a dentist who does more harm than good by choosing carefully. There are several things that you need to keep in mind as you look for a professional to take care of your teeth:
•    Do not seek treatments unless you really need them. A good dentist will not recommend cosmetic procedures unless they are really needed. Instead, they will encourage you to take proper care of your teeth as they are so that they can go as long as possible without giving you any problems. They will teach you the right methods of brushing and flossing and they will also remind you to come in for cleaning at least once a year.
•    Any good dentist will anticipate problems before they happen. Using the latest tools in the industry they will look at all your teeth to detect cavities and any other problems so that they can deal with them before they become serious.
•    Good dentists will usually recommend more than one course of action for any given issue that you may be dealing with. They will give you two or three options, explain to you what each entails and how much each will cost and then leave you to make up your own mind. If you find a dentist who is pushing you certain treatments beware – they are looking to make money from you.
•    You should look online to find out whether the dentist that you have in mind has received any complaints in the past.
•    Be very careful about dentists who advertise. Any good medical practitioner lets their work do the talking – if they do a good job word will spread and this helps bring in new patients.
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