Tree Surgeons in Bedfordshire

Tree specific is among the most recommended tree surgeons in Bedfordshire. We have managed and still managing to prevent future tree problems as well as helping in tree surgery in Bedfordshire with a business experience of over 20 years and working with a group of professionals with NPTC standards. Our surgeons provide undisputable tree care showing the most concern in the conservation of local trees. The surgeons boast the latest modern safest working skills and practices which have always provided the best services that have projected our knowledge of tree care to the public as well as our esteemed clients. Our main goal is to provide reliable, professional and friendly services to everyone.

Tree-specific surgeons provide a wide array of services to homeowners, businesses, schools and local authorities from pruning, dismantling and felling of the smallest garden hedges to the largest oaks. Other services that we offer include tree planting, tree removal and felling, woodland management, crown thinning, hedging, hedge trimming and hedge laying, fruit tree and orchard management, stump grinding, aerial inspection and tree climbing reports, Christmas tree lighting, tree dismantling in confined places, site clearance, and tree planting. In the case of infection or disease, if the surgeon measures the possibility of spreading to other healthy plants, we may sometimes consider felling the tree. Our services take arboriculture and tree maintenance very seriously. We are controlled by the passion and love of always focusing on preserving the life of healthy trees.

When called upon, we first send a team of tree surgeons to take the necessary survey of the premise to come up with a detailed and comprehensive report. Our staff’s liaison skills help us in situations of involvement of the local councils especially in projects next to or within conservation areas. Our foundation is based on integrity and responsibility. Give us a call, and we will give you a reason to spread the good testimony like the rest.