Ely Cleaning Services


Homes are prone to getting dirty especially for floors and upholstered furnishings. Poor cleaning can make your home lose the appeal it once had and mostly in cases where there are small kids. For that reason, it is crucial to contact a cleaning company and engage their services. Residents in Ely are lucky to have Whitegate Cleaning Services at their disposal. The firm was founded by 2 brothers in the year 1984. Since then, they have continuously provided domestic and commercial cleaning services to the residents in Ely area. Over the years, they have accrued immense knowledge putting them in a unique position to assist in all cleaning matters. There are many reasons as for why Whitegate Cleaning Services is the best carpet cleaning firm in Ely. Some of them include:

Customer satisfaction

Whitegate Cleaning Services understand the importance of keeping your home clean. This is why they are fully dedicated to offering you a cleaning service that will put a smile on your face. They are skilled, friendly, trained and professional. Any work undertaken by this firm is done to perfection by giving attention to details and ensuring that the client is contented. The many reviews given by clients about this firm provide evidence that they are well pleased with the services.

Personalized service

Customers require different cleaning services. Whitegate Cleaning Services, therefore, ensures that these requirements are met according to each client’s needs and wants. They listen keenly to what you require and deliver accordingly. Also, the methods and cleaning agents used are completely safe.


This firm offers a free demonstration on hard floor cleaning. This is essential as clients can picture how their homes will look like after cleaning as well as get knowledge on how it is done. They also offer a voucher for a £10 discount which is downloaded from the site.

Flexibility in time

They are open 7 days a week. For this reason, clients can receive the services at their own free and convenient time.
The range of services offered by Whitegate cleaning services includes; eradication of infestations, removing stains from carpets and upholstered furnishing and cleaning of all types of floors, carpets, upholstery furnishings including leather. After work done, you can be assured that your home and furnishings will look amazingly new and elegant. By just contacting them, you get a free and instant quotation. This is helpful in planning your time as to when you can hire them as well as the finances.

Doctors in Richmond…The Best

When it comes to finding a competent professional, doctors at Roseneath Medical Practice continues to be a beacon of excellence in healthcare. Situated in a tranquil and serene environment, the clinic is synonymous with high-quality medical services at every turn. With a talented team of leading physicians, GPs, nurses and staff, Roseneath is proud to make a lasting difference in patient lives. While other clinics treat patients like statistics, we go above and beyond to identify and address the main causes of illnesses and ailments. In fact, this is what separates us from the rest – and continues to be one of many cornerstones in our thriving and reputable practice.

Patient Wellbeing and Comfort

At Roseneath, patient comfort and well-being is always the highest priority. With an experienced team of general practitioners, patients are assured timely, effective, and caring services across the board. The staff also facilitates all patient requests in a professional manner. This includes expedited medications, along with dietary assistance and rehabilitation exercises. The Roseneath staff also ensures all patients receive personalized care – based on their specific needs and physician care instructions. It’s this high-level of care and passion that has truly made Roseneath one of if not the best medical clinic in the Greater Richmond community.

Medical Services and Treatments

The Roseneath clinic is proud to offer a wide array of medical services for all new and returning patients. In fact, the facility particularly specializes in empowering patients to realize their maximum health potentials. This is done through proper nutritional guidance, along with emotional support during any extensive or short-term treatments and surgical procedures. Specialists are also on call for any and all long-term care or intricate surgeries. This gives patients the peace of mind they deserve, and allows them to concentrate on the healing process and getting better. While prescriptions and other medications are administered – the focal point of Roseneath care revolves around preventative care services. This helps educate patients on the best ways to eliminate the chances of recurring medical and health problems.

The Staff

The Roseneath Team consists of friendly, courteous, and caring doctors and nurses. These professionals are committed to making patients feel comfortable, while ensuring the highest levels of care and fulfillment. The clinic is also nestled within a relaxed and spacious environment – with true comfort and convenience at every turn. The venue is also equipped with all the latest medical technologies, which provides patients with the highest and most current standards of medical care.